A warm welcome to all parents & childrens !

My name is Martina Lourens and i am a mom of two lovely children.
I am a social worker and a Nanny with a lot of experience in childcare and nursing children over the last twenty years. I have worked in several kindergardens and been a preschool teacher at a Montessori school. I have dedicated my life to childcare.

Here is everything you need to know about my vision of childcare:

"Childhood Education & Learning program by '4KIDSCARE structure early childhood daycare & childminder care in 4 steps to ensure the growth of your whole child, step by step! 

  1. Emotional
  2. Intellectual
  3. Physical
  4. Social

I would love to work for you and to help develop your child's ability to all skill's in his/her own home. By creating Artworks, crafting, singing and dancing are just a few of the things i can offer your child besides normal playing of course.

Please take some time to look at www.4kidscare.nl for more information and let me know if i can offer my services to you.

With kind regards,

Martina Lourens

Social worker & childminder "4kidscare-pedagogy "